Selected Project Publications

Here you can find SCI-ranked scientific papers, selected conference papers and posters that were published in the context of this project.

SCI-ranked publications

Rose G, Stocker M, Ornetzeder M. The Learning City: Temporary Housing Projects as Urban Niches for Sustainability Experiments. Sustainability. 2022; 14(9):5198.
Bertino, G.; Rose, G.; Kisser, J. Drivers and Barriers for Implementation and International Transferability of Sustainable Pop-up Living Systems. Circ.Econ.Sust. 2021, 31.
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Stocker, M., Schneider, G., Zeilinger, J., Rose, G., Damyanovic, D., Huber-Humer, M. 2021. Urban temporary housing environments—from a systematic comparison towards an integrated typology. J Hous and the Built Environ 36, 1457–1482 (2021).
Märzinger, T.; Kotik, J; Pfeifer, C. 2021. Application of Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (HAC) for Systemic Classification of Pop-Up Housing (PUH) Environments. APPL SCI-BASEL. 2021; 11(23), 11122; DOI:
Bertino, G; Fischer, T; Puhr, G; Langergraber, G; Osterreicher, D (2019) Framework Conditions and Strategies for Pop-Up Environments in Urban Planning. SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL. 2019; 11(24), 7204, DOI:


Österreicher, D., Huber-Humer, M., Fischer, T., Geier, S., Bertino, G., Rief, T. (2021). Temporary housing models as potential solutions for immediate short-term housing needs [DCNA Austria, Disaster Research Days 2021, October 2021.]
Ornetzeder, M; Rose, G; Stocker, M. (2021): Temporary housing for lasting change – shaping a sustainable urban future. [12th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, Karlsruhe (virtual)/GERMANY. ]
Geier, S.; Fischer, T., Bertino G., Österreicher, D. (2021) Temporary Urban Pop-Up Environments – Design Requirements and Sustainable Solutions“ [26th International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society GeoMultimedia; Wien], DOI:
Zeilinger, J; Huber-Humer, M (2020): Towards sustainability in urban temporary housing – The role of resource management and circular design approaches. [10. Wissenschaftskongress “Abfall- und Ressourcenwirtschaft” , Dresden, Germany (virtual) OCT 8-9, 2020]
Ornetzeder, M, Rose, G (2020). In search of a sustainable urban future: Experiences and reflections from an interdisciplinary research project. [EASST/4S 2020 Conference, Prague (online) AUG 18, 2020]
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Zeilinger, J.; Huber-Humer, M. (2019): Sustainable temporary housing in urban areas – the role of waste and resource management. [Sardinia_2019: 17th international waste management and landfill symposium, Cagliari, ITALY, SEPT 30 – OCT 4, 2019]
Rose, G.; Ornetzeder, M. (2019): Temporary Housing projects as experimental niches for sustainable innovation. [8th Nordic Geographers Meeting, Trondheim, NORWAY, JUNE 16-19, 2019] (Session: Urban Innovation and the Rise of Projects, Platforms, and Testbeds)
Puhr, G. (2019): Development of pop-up living spaces to address temporary housing needs in urban environments – An interdisciplinary planning approach for the city of Vienna. [AESOP 2019, Venice, ITALY, JULY 9-13, 2019] (Track: 11_Housing, gentrification and socio-spatial dynamics)
Stocker, M.; Schneider G. (2019): Urban temporary housing environments as systems of local innovation. Systematic comparison of urban temporary housing environments [The Paradigmatic City 2019, Istanbul, TURKEY, MAY 9-10, 2019]