Pop-up Environments @ Sustainable Geography – 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting in Trondheim, Norway, June 2019

Over 600 people from all over the world attended the NGM2019 to exchange ideas regarding sustainable development within and beyond the discipline of geography. Within the session “Urban Innovation and the Rise of Projects, Platforms, and Testbeds”, the Pop-Up Housing project was introduced to the community through a presentation by Gloria Rose and Michael Ornetzeder, titled “Temporary housing projects as experimental niches for sustainable innovation”. Various existing niche concepts and observable forms of temporary living environments were compared with the aim of recognizing sensible interlinkages. Additionally, empirical examples of innovative spaces and temporary housing contexts where learning processes are currently taking place in Vienna were presented.

Meeting’s brochure and program

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Cityscape - Buildings by the sea
Cityscape of Trondheim © Gloria Rose