🎉 Paper published: Urban temporary housing environments—from a systematic comparison towards an integrated typology

Our research results have been published recently in the Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. The entire team collected examples of temporary housing environments that fed a detailed database. We conducted a systematic comparison via tabulation (table work), in an interdisciplinary manner considering details regarding built structure, open spaces, area, infrastructure, organizational and socio-economic aspects. The analysis led to a detailed typology of temporary housing environments that is universally applicable, independently from the housing environment’s background.

This study aims to create a general understanding of temporary housing and its attempt to create a general terminology provides the possibility to those engaged in the field to communicate and learn from each other.

The article from Mirjam Stocker, Gerda Schneider, Julia Zeilinger, Gloria Rose, Doris Damyanovic and Marion Huber‑Humer can be read online and downloaded here:


Typology of urban temporary housing environments
Typology of urban temporary housing environments